What are the different learning themes for?

All the available courses are categorised into six learning themes to help you find the kind of training you’re looking for. They also help you plan a series of sessions within a particular area to develop your skills at progressive levels of expertise. Occasionally courses may be categorised within more than one theme if the learning is relatively evenly divided between them.

The six themes are outlined below:

  • Money Matters: income generation and finance, including fundraising, trading, crowdfunding, budgeting, management accounts.
  • Leading your organisation: skills for trustees, managers and team leaders including managing staff and volunteers, supervision and performance, managing change and dealing with conflict.
  • Making an impact: monitoring and evaluation including planning, user involvement, theory of change, measuring outputs and outcomes and reporting.
  • Planning for the future: strategic planning for resilience and sustainability including research and analysis, innovation, new ways of working and developing systems.
  • Voice and influence: equality, diversity and inclusion including community involvement and co-production, enabling leadership, building and using networks.
  • Partnership and collaboration: working together for better outcomes including joint delivery, assessing values and approaches, commissioning, subcontracting and risk.