Exploring Merger

Whether you’ve found the perfect partnership, or you’re looking to scale up for greater sustainability, making sure you get your organisational values aligned is essential. Successful mergers work because of shared values – not just sharing balance sheets.

This course will give you an introduction to the merger process, the pros and cons, what to consider and the key legal issues.

Level: Intermediate
Trainer: Megan Evans
Date: Wednesday 7 July, 2021 - 09:30 to 12:30
Prices: Full member £55.00, Affliliate £77.00, Non Member £94.00

What is this course about?

Recent research suggests competition between charities is having a negative impact on the sector, organisations, beneficiaries and communities. Where there’s competition, however, there must also be common aims, values, clients and purpose. That’s why mergers tend to happen when there's an overlap between organisations, and they realise that working together is in the interests both of their clients and themselves. Mergers also happen when one organisation needs help to deal with difficulties. The pandemic has thrown up more than a fair share of challenges, of course, but this can lead to better outcomes all round. Even in cases when organisations explore merger from a strong position, it can lead to a situation where it feels like one organisation is 'taking over' another, rather than coming together to share their skills and resources equally. This course sets out the foundations for the most positive approach to increasing partnership working and merger. It explores:
  1. How to ensure values are lined up between organisations (as well as financial due diligence).
  2. How to make mergers fair and enabling, despite the difficult decisions that almost inevitably have to be made in the process.

What will you learn?

  • A clear overview of the merger process and how it typically develops.
  • Possible positive and negative implications of merger for different stakeholders (such as users, funders, partners and staff).
  • Due diligence on values and ethos, as well as finances and assets.
  • Internal and external communications during the merger process.
  • Key legal issues to consider for a charity merger.
  • Actions after the merger (or other outcomes if a merger isn’t completed).

Who is this course for?

Trustees and organisation leaders.


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What else do you need to know?

Voscur is monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and this course will be running online.  We have made this decision in line with local and national health advice, and to safeguard the health of our attendees and staff. To take part, you will need a laptop with a camera, microphone, and Wi-Fi. You won't need any other software. You will be emailed an invitation with a link to join the online training the day before the course. For more information about coronavirus, see https://www.voscur.org/content/covid19-service-users

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