Setting up a CIC: Houria’s story


Houria, which means ‘freedom’, is
a pan-African catering social enterprise
that specifically supports, trains and
employs migrant women and survivors
of slavery.
It was founded in 2019 by Kim Prado.
Houria creates dishes based on
traditional community food, and
organises food events. The women
feel seen as their culture and cuisine is
appreciated, challenging the stereotypes
migrant women are often subjected
to; Houria also supports women to
navigate the systems and processes to
secure employment. Through COVID-19,
Houria adapted its service to provide
home deliveries and socially-distanced
Before registering as a Community Interest
Company (CIC), Voscur supported Houria
to select an appropriate structure, and
mentored its Directors. We also provided
funding information and advice, resources,
and signposting to other useful services.
Houria’s goals for the future include
developing a new training programme for
migrant women and women who have
escaped slavery, and extending the home
delivery service.