About the VCSE Academy

Welcome to the new VCSE Academy … 

A new platform for charities, community groups and social enterprises to learn, share and develop together, brought to you by Voscur. 

The VCSE Academy offers diverse learning opportunities 

  1. We take what we have learned in 25 years of delivering training, support and development.  
  2. We add in a commitment and desire to share experiences and knowledge – not just the trainer or speakers, but peer-to-peer and organisation-to-organisation. 
  3. We provide a platform and opportunities to enable sector and individual growth and development.

The VCSE Academy fits around your learning goals 

We work with people and organisations to design learning programmes that meet their needs.  

We then engage Voscur staff or associates with the right skills and experience to design and deliver each workshop, webinar, toolkit, peer network, briefing, masterclass or course inclusively. 

The VCSE Academy is a network for sharing what works 

This means sharing your unique experience and views with other people, in a supportive, professional setting. 

It’s also about working together to find innovative and creative solutions to common and not so common problems. 

The VCSE Academy works holistically across a range of themes 

To help you find the right course, network or event, we match everything to six themes and three skill levels. The VCSE Academy programme grows with your ambitions and development. 

Where will your ambitions take you and your organisation? 

Take a look at what’s on offer today, and get in touch if you’d like tailored learning to meet your organisation’s goals or you want to help shape the Academy’s future programmes