Your learning goals

The VCSE Academy works to meet your professional and organisational goals through learning, facilitation and consultancy.

Tailored in-house learning and facilitation

Many common learning aims are best met through public workshops with peers from other organisations.  

When a group or team of people from one organisation all decide to develop their skills together, or the context in which they work shapes their learning needs in a particular way, a tailored in-house learning session is often the most effective approach.  

For example, all your board of trustees may want to ensure they share a solid understanding of their duties, all your support workers may need to learn about GDPR and remote working, or you may want an external facilitator for a strategic planning day.

If you would like to discuss how tailored learning or facilitation could develop your team, please complete this initial enquiry form to tell us a little about your situation and goals and we’ll get back to you to discuss the details or propose a suitable session. 

“A most positive, encouraging and helpful session that was well overdue. We all left with a feelgood factor so it was clearly productive. Thank you for your support and structuring the workshop that was both challenging and rewarding.”

Fatima (tailored training participant)


If you would like to discuss how consultancy support could improve your organisation’s performance, please complete this enquiry form and we’ll get back to you to discuss the details further.

Organisations often benefit from external consultancy for a number of reasons. You may need:  

  1. specialist skills outside your organisation’s core business; 
  2. an independent perspective and critical friend to facilitate an evaluation, planning or new ways of working;
  3. additional capacity from external specialists because the staff team can’t spare time to pursue development work or researching new approaches.

As with the comprehensive learning offer, Voscur staff and Associates offer consultancy support across the same range of operational areas, including:  

  1. Planning for the Future (e.g. strategy, research, planning, business development);
  2. Leading your organisation (e.g. governance, change management, organisational development);
  3. Partnership and collaboration (e.g. partnership working, social value, commissioning, subcontracting);
  4. Making an impact (e.g. monitoring, evaluation, user involvement, performance improvement);
  5. Voice and influence (e.g. campaigning, equalities, inclusion);
  6. Money matters (e.g. budgeting, funding strategy, financial management, fundraising).

The work we completed on fundraising was excellent. We went through the process step by step, identifying potential funders and creating, based on our ideas, a potential project. We feel more confident to answer the application questions and how to structure the budget. We were provided with useful reference material to evidence local need and monitoring and evaluation tools which should stand us in good stead in the future.”

Manor Farm Community Association (fundraising consultancy client)