Self-directed learning

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we began exploring new ways to deliver our foundation programme in ways that make it more convenient and flexible, especially for people who, for example, found it challenging to attend workshops during office hours. 

New methods of learning delivery  

Just as a range of foundation courses in safeguarding, first aid and equalities awareness are now routinely delivered through interactive online platforms for self-directed learning, our aim is to make our foundation programme available in the same sort of way, for example: 

  • Being a Good Board Member 
  • Being an Even Better Board Member 
  • Setting up a Community Interest Company 
  • Basic Bid Writing 

Blended learning 

As part of our support for the Bristol Impact Fund, we also published recordings of training sessions delivered live online for people unable to attend the original workshop. We’re now in the process of adapting these recordings into shorter video resources applicable to the VCSE Academy’s six key learning themes. 

This will enable us to offer a blend of learning approaches and materials to suit different learnig styles across funding and finance (Money Matters), diversity and inclusion (Leading Your Organisation) and volunteers and social value (Making an Impact).  

Working with us to address your learning goals  

If you’re interested in working with our User Planning Group to shape future learning for your organisation and the wider community, please let us know and we’ll be in touch.