Professional development

The VCSE Academy structures its learning programmes around key themes and levels so individuals and organisations can take a planned approach to personal professional development and team capacity building.

The three levels of learning provides an obvious route to develop individual skills within a particular area. With fundraising, for example:

  • Someone new to fundraising could start with a basic level course, such as Basic Bid Writing, aimed at beginners.
  • Once they’ve built up confidence with grant applications, they could take an intermediate course, such as Advanced Bid Writing and Tendering, to expand their knowledge and go into more detail.
  • An advanced level course, such as Developing Collaborative Bids, would be suitable for someone who is confident in their fundraising skills and wants to push themselves further.

Learning and training programmes for every kind of role

The table below sets out example routes through the learning levels for a range of common VCSE roles (1 – 9). Click the image for a PDF version.

Professional development examples

Plan for the year and pay for a whole learning plan

The VCSE Academy website makes a wide range of courses available up to one year in advance, so staff can plan their learning in good time. This also leaves the opportunity for your new skills to make a difference day-to-day, putting things into practice before you take on the next stage of professional development.

Very soon you’ll be able to purchase several courses in advance by creating a VCSE Academy account and adding multiple courses to your ‘basket’ then paying for them altogether. The basket function isn’t available just yet, but setup your account and we’ll let you know when it is.

With a VCSE Academy account, you can also keep track of your training courses, learning, and payments over time.