Tailored in-house learning programmes and consultancy: customer feedback

The comments below have been gathered from previous participants through evaluations and case studies. If you’d like more information about in-house learning and facilitation, or specialist consultancy, and how each can be tailored to your organisation’s specific goals, please get in touch.

Feedback about Money Matters

Business development and fundraising (Manor Farm Community Association)

‘The fundraising support we received was excellent. We’ve not got a range of potential funders to approach and we’re much better skilled and organised internally for future applications.’

Feedback about Leading Your Organisation

‘I am new to being a trustee for a charity organisation. The session was a great introduction to the field – it made me feel more encouraged and at the same time made me aware of the range of responsibilities.  I Can’t think of any additions I would recommend to the course! It was really useful & enjoyable.’

Being a Good Board Member (Refugee Women of Bristol)

Making an Impact

Feedback about Making an Impact

Social impact measurement tools

‘Very satisfied. I was supported to create a set of indicators and measurement tools even though social impact is an area I had very little knowledge of. Thank you.’

Feedback about Planning for the Future

Planning for the Future

‘One achievement was to realise a new role to develop the trading enterprises within our organisation, described as a Community Business Manager. The other key achievement was to gain a deeper understanding of governance issues that have been plaguing our organisation for many years, and which we finally reached consensus on with this help. Big Tick. Very satisfied. Savita really knew her stuff and fully understood the challenges that face our organisation.’

Governance and Organisational Development consultancy (APE Project)