Digital Leadership training programme

There’s a growing digital divide between wellresourced
and under-resourced charities and social
enterprises. To address this, Voscur led a collaborative
programme to develop digital leadership skills and
confidence, targeting marginalised communities in
Bristol and the West of England.
The programme used the trusted relationships that
Voscur and other local support organisations have with
smaller VCSE groups. We delivered targeted digital
training from Dot Project in webinars, virtual drop-ins,
face-to-face sessions and peer networks.
In addition to boosting Voscur’s tools and confidence
to provide more digital support, the programme
exceeded its original goals and impact, consciously
targeting groups in disadvantaged communities like
Lockleaze, South Bristol, Yate and Weston super Mare.
Outcomes of the Digital Leadership programme:
• 121 individuals reached from 96
charities, of whom 63% were female,
18% BAME, 8% had a disability and
40% were aged under 24.
• 81% said their level of knowledge
and/or confidence had changed
• 49% felt significantly more able to
perform their role effectively.
• 98% said they were going to make
changes to their digital approach.