Race & the City 2 – A Focus on Muslims in Bristol and their Diversity (Delivered by Bristol City Council)

Led by Bristol Muslim’s Strategic Leadership Group

Level: Starter
Date: Thursday 9 December, 2021 - 10:30 to 12:00

This event will showcase the contribution of Muslims in Bristol and how Muslims are proud Bristolians. The event also aims to shine a light on the challenges that Muslims face as Bristolians and how sometimes the multiple and diverse identities of race, ethnicity, religion and gender end up being a source of disadvantage rather than a fountain of opportunity, insights and potential.

We will present case studies of Bristolians who have made a mark on Bristol despite the challenges and draw on audience participation to help find solutions to overcome the issues so we can make sure that Bristol get the best out of all Bristolians!

Delegates are likely to be organisations, individuals or even academics that regularly work with people who are of the Muslim faith.

The main takeaways of the event will be :-

  • Greater insights into the lived experiences of Muslims in Bristol which recognise the challenges that are faced in the City.
  • Enabling delegates to get the opportunity to reflect on their own roles and how they might contribute to supporting Muslims to reach their potential.
  • Creating a sense of optimism and opportunity to be able to play one’s own part in equality in the City.

This event has been organised by Bristol City Council.

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