Race & the City 2 – A spotlight on Education (Delivered by Bristol City Council)

Led by the Education & Skill Race Equality Steering Group

Level: Starter
Date: Tuesday 15 March, 2022 - 10:00 to 12:00

Education is the key that affects primary change in society – so how are we doing? The right for race equality in education to provide equitable provision, progress, outcomes and opportunities for all children has been an ongoing challenge. There have been huge social changes in the last 18 months, that have impacted on education, but also brought to light many issues of inequality to a greater public forum.

This event provides a chance to look at where we are in Bristol, what we have done, and where we want to be. We will outline the main issues we face in education, how far we have come since the Runnymede Report, the influence of BLM and COVID-19 on education, and what do we can do to focus on future plans.

Other areas of focus will also include:

  • Increasing BAME teacher numbers and those applying to teaching
  • Successful recruitment drives
  • BAME Governors
  • One Bristol Curriculum

This event has been organised by Bristol City Council.

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