Uncovering and Overcoming Unconscious Bias With Staff [external event]

We have all heard of ‘bias’ which often leads to people making decisions based not on logic, but on the way they perceive or think about things. This is not unusual; in this webinar, you will learn that humans subconsciously develop biases and are not always aware of them. “Is that a problem?” I hear you ask – the answer is, it could be – think of the impact it could have on recruitment or promotions. This free webinar will help you uncover and truly overcome your unconscious biases.

Level: Starter
Date: Thursday 13 January, 2022 - 10:30 to 11:30

Who should attend

Anyone and everyone - this webinar would benefit anyone in any role at any organisation in any industry.

The objectives of the webinar

  • To understand bias
  • To challenge your thinking
  • To overcome your biases

Topics covered

  • Action Points
  • The types of bias
  • Exploring mistakes made
  • Four steps to overcoming bias
  • Working in pairs/trios to challenge your thinking

What you will get out of the webinar:

  • Discover what you don’t know about your thought patterns
  • A practical way of preventing bias when making decisions
  • A more open-minded view

What your organisation will get out of the webinar:

  • More considered decision making
  • Increased protection from potential discrimination

To register:

Visit the Nine Dots Development website to sign up.