Why Time Management Doesn’t Actually Exist And How to Diagnose the Real Issues [external event]

When people are asked what is one of your biggest day-to-day challenges, ‘time management’ is one the top answers. However, does time management actually exist? When people say that they struggle with it, they’re actually usually experiencing an underlying issue that makes them feel like they don’t have enough time. This free webinar will help you understand which parts of your workload are the important areas and provides you with a practical process, the ‘Time Priority Grid’, for organising those tasks.

Date: Thursday 21 April, 2022 - 10:30 to 11:30

This is an external event hosted by Nine Dots Development.

Who should attend

This webinar is ideal for anybody who is responsible for managing their own workload or the workload of others and would like to improve their time prioritisation skills.

The objectives of the webinar

  • To understand what impacts upon your time
  • To understand the areas of your workload that are valuable and important to you and the organisation
  • To gain clarity on your priority areas
  • To effectively organise your tasks

Topics covered

  • The overall role purpose and key result different areas of your workload
  • Defining the Value, Immediacy and amount of Effort of a task
  • Organising your tasks effectively
  • What impacts upon your time

What you will get out of the webinar:

  • Understand where you are focusing your efforts
  • Know how to manage your tasks in an effective manner
  • Identify practical actions to ease your workload

What your organisation will get out of the webinar:

  • Increased productivity
  • Work relates directly to the organisation's goals and purpose
  • Less overworked and more motivated employees

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