Themes and levels test

This will (maybe) be a page that lists (and describes?) the Training Themes (and Levels?) and also allows you to pick a theme and see courses in that theme.

Using it for now to test putting the event listing filter in a custom sidebar. I can do that (and then use flex-direction to stack the filters) but there is a problem – you can’t currently use the event listing shortcode in more than one place. If you try and use it in the sidebar with showfilter=true showresult=false and vice versa in the content area, they get combined together. I need to dig into the code to see why that is – because it’s being created dynamically with js I suppose…

Yes, this happens in /scr/wp-content/plugins/vcsea-trainings/assets/js/eventlisting.js

NB to be exact about what happens – the filter/listing appears in one place only (the first place it is encountered I assume), and it is only the theme and level filters that are duplicated (next to each other).

Anyway, the reason is that the script uses:
const eventListingForm = document.getElementById('eventlisting-form');
So it depends on there being just that one element id existing. To fix (if desirable) would need to find *each* occurrence of the target element. That should work, right? Maybe, but would need to add ids to distinguish each form created to allow separate styling. Hmmm…


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