Manu Maunganidze

picture of trainer

Manu was a school teacher for almost a decade, and his work with both NYCE and the Global Goals Centre is an attempt to improve and expand the educational outcomes for all young people.

Manu has worked with over 30 organisations on a consultancy and trainer basis. These have ranged from small community groups to multi-million pound charities such as the National Trust. He is adept at spotting hidden connections between organisations and bringing them together around common aims, saving money, time, and catalysing partnerships and change.

Manu is excited by the prospect of helping non-profits find better ways of working, more holistic forms of community engagement and delivering on inclusion and strategy. He has a keen interest in environmental, educational and social justice issues, and a lot of his work focuses in these 3 areas. Manu likes to facilitate conversations that look beyond the obvious solutions, working to have a genuine understanding of the problem before finding common goals.

Training by Manu Maunganidze