We are looking to explore the role sport and physical activity can play particularly in the next 12 months following the pandemic. We will be focusing on the following areas: Returning to Sport and Physical Activity, Tackling Inequalities and Tackling Inactivity.


Delivered by Bristol Ageing Better and based on the STAR model, this free training guides local residents and workers through the process of setting up their own bereavement peer-support group in Bristol, North Somerset or South Gloucestershire. These groups will be resident-led, self-sustaining, free of charge and open to anyone aged 18 or over.


Whether you’ve found the perfect partnership, or you’re looking to scale up for greater sustainability, making sure you get your organisational values aligned is essential. Successful mergers work because of shared values – not just sharing balance sheets.

This course will give you an introduction to the merger process, the pros and cons, what to consider and the key legal issues.

This course provides the essential overview for new trustees or those who want to refresh their understanding of their duties. It covers legal obligations, good practice, common challenges and how the role and responsibilities relate to the whole organisation.